My Story - Online Bake Shop

An Idea Worth Doing Something About

It all started one sunny afternoon in April last year. I was mixing up another cake for my blog while simultaneously texting my neighbours: “Another lockdown cake up for grabs, guys! Bring your own vessels, please; I’ve run out of paper plates and Tupperware”, the message read. A few hours later the cake would be gone, gratefully received by my neighbours who, like all of us, were looking forward to a chat at the door and some homemade treats to chase the lockdown worries away.

A few days later they would happily return to collect yet another cake or a few biscuits. “I could do this for a living” I jokingly said to my friend when placing a bag of fresh peanut butter cookies on her doormat and stepping back two meters. She smiled and replied “Now, that’s an idea worth doing something about.”

Agnieszka Siedlecka baking London homemade cookies

The New Reality

Several recipe tests and countless bakes later I could not stop thinking about my friend’s encouraging response. Due to the pandemic I had no choice but to cancel most of my community and private baking classes. Just when Rise and Shine started to properly take off with new exciting “baking for wellbeing” projects in the pipeline Coronavirus struck… Like so many other self-employed people I had to press “pause” and adapt to the new reality.

So here I am - adapting and running an online bake shop. I have started off with five types of biscuits on the menu as that’s something I have sort of mastered over the past 19 years. I must have baked thousands of them when I had my own playgroup and ran regular weekly baking classes for young families. With time I hope to add more products such as cakes and traybakes but for now ladies and gentlemen I give you my most delicious biscuits to go with your cuppa.

Welcome to my Online Bake Shop.