What people say about Rise and Shine baking classes


Emma Thurgood


My mum bought me a voucher with Rise and Shine baking for my birthday, and my friend and I had a brilliant time! Agnieszka was warm, so helpful and made the session super fun. She bought everything we needed to my house (including all the ingredients, utensils, three electric mixers and even tea towels!) and put in so much effort to make the day as great as possible. She was able to help me understand where I've gone wrong previously with my baking and I now have so much more confidence in my baking skills! Also, the cakes we made tasted unbelievable, and we ended up with 5 whole cakes to share between the two of us. Brilliant value for money, thank you so much Agnieszka for the best day :)


I highly recommend Agnieszka’s baking classes without hesitation! Both my children and I always looked forward to her playgroup and cherished our time there.The classes were very well organised and we created the most delicious food from Agnieszka's very own recipes. We absolutely loved it and if you are looking to bake for wellness or just celebrate great baking this is the place for you!


Lis Vasconcelos


Agnieszka was wonderful at my daughter's party! She brought all the ingredients, organized everything, they baked delicious chocolate chip cookies and she cleaned everything before leaving. She is nice and friendly with the kids and they loved their baking class! Totally recommend her!

David von Dadelszen

Agnieszka ran a superb baking class for a group of children at my daughter's 10th birthday party. Turned up in plenty of time, super organised, kids loved her (and she kept them busy for nearly 3 hours), ended with delicious looking biscuits (which I haven't been allowed to sample yet). all presented in boxes the kids decorated themselves. All very thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. A great birthday party option, the feedback from all has been sensational. Thank you Agnieszka!




Going to Agnieszka's baking playgroup was an absolute joy. My child would never want to leave as he enjoyed it so much, as did I! Agnieszka always had everything beautifully prepared and organized and the final product always tasted delicious. All the recipes were Agnieszka's own creation and she explained everything clearly and simply and always with a smile. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inspiring and uplifting baking class to head to Agnieszka!




My older daughter started attending Agnieszka’s baking/cooking playgroup when she was just 2 years old and really enjoyed it. She was attending it for nearly two years. She used to bring home wonderful cookies, biscuits and pizza that they made in the baking class that the rest of the family really enjoyed tasting. Agnieszka would also always provide us with the recipes that we still keep in the kitchen and occasionally use to bake at home. When my younger daughter joined the baking class we were already familiar with the setting and sent her there without any doubt. It’s a wonderful experience for kids and adults in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.





Going to Agnieszka’s baking classes was a very special time for me. It’s a regular time to switch off from chores and doing things to just be with my children. I loved it. I got a lot of support from being with kind people in a relaxed place. I was very lonely at times and just being with other grown-ups helped me so much. Playgroup and baking class helped me parent better by not being so alone and getting an emotional lift from the teachers running it, other parents and nannies. Very special class.




Have known Agnieszka for many years. Fantastically generous lady, baker and teacher.


Anna Vaxevanidou


Baking with Agnieszka has always been fun! She creates a welcoming environment, she combines ingredients with great results, she brings people together. I would recommend Rise & Shine without any hesitation!



Damian Davis


A huge thank you to Agnieszka from Rise & Shine Baking for this delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe! My first attempt at baking ever. Such simple steps to follow, easy to use guide, beautiful artwork depicting the finished product (although I’m rather proud of mine ) but all through the inspiration of this talented young lady. The results are nothing short of spectacular and if I can do it...anyone can. Enjoy!

What people say about Rise and Shine biscuits


Timothy-Nathan Joel


So delicious! Best brownie cookies on the island. Wish I lived next door. Very glad to be able to order a box regularly and have it delivered here in Cornwall. Wonderful! Whole family helped me finish them rather quickly. Looking forward to trying out more of Agnieszka’s lovely creations. Lots of love to you and your very thoughtful business.


Michaela Serventi Davis


I was so excited to try the cookies and the delivery service when I received the email. It is fabulous! The cookies are so delicious and the delivery is great. The packaging is lovely and comes with a hand written note and is delivered by Agnieszka. It feels very personal, special and I also love it supports a charity. I have ordered for myself and as a gift and highly recommend it. All of the cookies are so yummy!



Maxine Miller


About Gluten-free Delight – A gluten-free godsend! These biscuits retain their flavour and moistness – although they were too delicious to last long in my household! I could not pick a favourite as I loved all three – and had to fight off family to get to them!


Michele Hardie


Everything is delicious! We had a selection and I struggled to pick a favourite as they were all so good. The service is both friendly and of the highest quality. I recommend Rise & Shine bakery to anyone that loves tasty treats. The crinkle brownies (so chocolately ) and Vegan choc chip cookies were a huge hit with the kids. The Gluten free Almond Clouds just melt in the mouth and have a beautiful flavour and the jam and coconut biscuits were moist and delicious, I ate far too many! 10/10!


Anna Fabricia Molinari


Extremely well-presented delicious biscuits. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a treat.




Agnieszka’s crinkle brownies were so delicious! They were gone in thirty seonds.!!!! Ordering is so simple, and the whole family loved the excitement of opening the box and finding such a lovely parcel inside. I would recommend ANY of these wonderful treats to send as unusual presents to any of my friends and relatives. I am also happy to see that 5% of sales is given to a good cause. Well done Rise and Shine.


Marcus Liberman


Absolutely delicious and perfectly conceived with interesting combinations of flavours. Beautifully presented to give as a gift if you can bear to part with them... We’ll be ordering again.


Alice Soares


I ordered a box as a surprise treat for my daughter and cannot recommend highly enough, it was heaven in a box and VERY popular all around. ‘THE best I’ve ever tasted’ was the glowing comment from daughter! Felt like going back in time to my grandma’s kitchen with authentic, wholesome recipes and tastes that stay with you long after. Such a welcome experience away from the bland supermarket stuff. My taste buds reawakened and a little nostalgia, am hooked! thank you, thank you!