20 July 2023

Change Is Good

Hello Lovelies, summer holidays are here and in my book it’s time to look back and take stock. It’ s been ages since I posted here and there are reasons for it. Reason one, as lame and unoriginal as it may sound, is lack of time. Since January I’ve been working part-time on top of running my baking classes and baking for my home bake shop. As it’s also teaching, […]
24 March 2022

It’s About Time

Hello, Yes, I know, it’s been a while… My last blog post, I’m embarrassed to admit, was before Christmas. Three months flew by and before I knew it spring had sprung and London skies had blessed us with a long-awaited sunshine. Today, as a reward after a day of baking I decided to have a cuppa in our garden rather than the kitchen. I grabbed the last remaining biscuit, sat […]