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Welcome to Rise and Shine

My name is Agnieszka and I offer bespoke baking classes for all levels, from the complete beginner to those looking for more baking inspiration.

I love to bake, and I love to share that passion with others. It all started for me back in 2002 soon after I opened my own playgroup in North West London and was encouraged by one mum to start baking classes. The classes were hugely popular with both children and parents and over time I have developed a repertoire of simple, delicious recipes.

I now run classes in the community and focus on the wellbeing benefits of baking and the shared process of baking together. If you would like to join a class, please get in touch

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To me, baking has always been about bringing people together, be it family, friends or someone you just met at one of my classes. I noticed early on in my career that both adults and children would leave my classes smiling, feeling lighter and happier. It is a pleasure to watch my bakers, regardless of their age, being completely in the moment.

Baking and cooking have helped me through difficult times in my life, giving me an outlet for stress and worry and the time and space to think and contemplate. The therapeutic value of baking has been well researched in recent years and it is now well accepted that focusing on such a task can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. In other words, baking is really all about wellbeing.

About me

I have been cooking and baking since I was a little girl. Family life revolved around the kitchen and I have been interested in how my food was made ever since I can remember. I grew up in the mid-seventies and eighties when Poland was still under the communist regime, so when it came to food shopping we were nowhere near as spoilt for choice as we are now.

When food rationing was reintroduced in 1981, my parents had to be incredibly resourceful to find ingredients for a nutritious family meal. Only now do I fully appreciate how blessed I was to live my childhood oblivious to processed meals, fast food or sweets full of additives and preservatives.

I have my mum to thank for fostering my love of cooking and baking from a young age. Her patience and understanding of how important it was for me to be involved in something that I enjoyed so much are two of the most precious gifts she gave me. Those gifts paid off years later when I moved to the UK and decided to give teaching baking a go.

I am DBS-checked and have a Food Hygiene and Safety Level 2 certificate. I also completed Mental Health First Aid course and can provide public liability insurance certificate on request.

What we bake

I teach sweet and savoury recipes which I have tried, tested and simplified over the past 17 years. They are all very easy to follow and can be repeated in your own kitchen using widely available, affordable ingredients. I am very keen on using local, seasonal produce when possible. Supporting local businesses as well as caring about the environment have always been close to my heart and are becoming increasingly important to us all.

No sophisticated, expensive baking equipment is necessary; a mixing bowl, a spoon, a set of kitchen scales and a baking tray are usually enough!

Some of the recipes I teach include: chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, scones, yummy jammies, coconut crunchies, cheese straws, pizza, sweet potato muffins, gluten-free chocolate cake, and vegan biscuits. I constantly try out new recipes with my classes and enjoy the constructive feedback from my bakers!

Online Bake Shop

Welcome to Rise and Shine online shop in Cricklewood in North West London. I sell delicious homemade cookies which I hope you will love. All of my cookies are handmade using natural wholesome ingredients such as organic flour, free-range eggs, butter, great quality organic 32%-70% cocoa solids chocolate, palm oil free peanut butter. No junk or cutting corners. The cookies are baked and either delivered or posted super fresh on the same day.

There are several types of biscuits on the menu as that’s something I have sort of mastered over the past 19 years. I must have baked thousands of them when I had my own playgroup and ran regular weekly baking classes for young families. With time I hope to add more products but for now ladies and gentlemen I give you my most delicious biscuits to go with your cuppa. Visit my Online Bake Shop.

I deliver twice a week to Cricklewood, Willesden Green, Kilburn, West Hampstead, South Hampstead, Childs Hill, Golders Green, Hampstead, Belsize Park, St John`s Wood and Swiss Cottage. This covers the following postcodes: NW2, NW3, NW6, NW8, NW10 and NW11.

BREAKING NEWS! From mid September a postal option is available which means you can have my cookies delivered through your letterbox anywhere in the UK. Simply choose Royal Mail delivery at the checkout.

Sharing the love for simple home baking from London


I aim to create a warm and intimate atmosphere in my classes, where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to give everything a try. No previous baking experience is required; novices are welcome as well as those looking to expand their baking repertoire.

Please let me know if you have any food allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements. Many allergens can be avoided or substituted and my priority is to give you the best and safest experience.

I teach one-to-one or in small groups, in clients’ houses or community venues and cafes.

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Going to Agnieszka’s baking classes was a very special time for me. It’s a regular time to switch off from chores and doing things to just be with my children. I loved it. I got a lot of support from being with kind people in a relaxed place. I was very lonely at times and just being with other grown-ups helped me so much. Playgroup and baking class helped me parent better by not being so alone and getting an emotional lift from the teachers running it, other parents and nannies. Very special class.


I highly recommend Agnieszka’s baking classes without hesitation! Both my children and I always looked forward to her playgroup and cherished our time there.The classes were very well organised and we created the most delicious food from Agnieszka's very own recipes. We absolutely loved it and if you are looking to bake for wellness or just celebrate great baking this is the place for you!


Going to Agnieszka's baking playgroup was an absolute joy. My child would never want to leave as he enjoyed it so much, as did I! Agnieszka always had everything beautifully prepared and organized and the final product always tasted delicious. All the recipes were Agnieszka's own creation and she explained everything clearly and simply and always with a smile. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inspiring and uplifting baking class to head to Agnieszka!


My older daughter started attending Agnieszka’s baking/cooking playgroup when she was just 2 years old and really enjoyed it. She was attending it for nearly two years. She used to bring home wonderful cookies, biscuits and pizza that they made in the baking class that the rest of the family really enjoyed tasting. Agnieszka would also always provide us with the recipes that we still keep in the kitchen and occasionally use to bake at home. When my younger daughter joined the baking class we were already familiar with the setting and sent her there without any doubt. It’s a wonderful experience for kids and adults in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Get it touch

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    A couple of years ago I compiled a book of the most popular recipes enjoyed by my young bakers and their parents over the years. The recipes are quick and easy to follow and designed to suit a toddler’s attention span as well as the busy lives that most families lead. ‘Rise and Shine: Baking with your Little Ones’ is all about sharing with others my love for simple home baking.

    My ambition is to publish the book independently in the near future so stay tuned for updates.

    For recipes and news on what I’m mixing up, visit my baking blog from London below and follow Rise and Shine on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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    Bespoke baking classes in London for all levels focusing on the wellbeing benefits of baking as a group activity. Run in community venues as well as in clients' homes.

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