Private classes

Baking in the comfort of your own kitchen? Why not? As long as you have an oven, I would be delighted to teach a group of up to five / six people at your house. If you happen to have a large kitchen with a bigger oven (or two), a group of up to eight participants is a piece of cake! Both adults and children are catered for. Prices vary depending on factors such as location, number of participants and type and size of your oven (which will determine cooking time). Please see the classes below to get an idea of the price range.

Do get in touch to discuss your requirements and I will do my best to help you.

What we’re baking this autumn

Learn how to make delicious biscuits in minutes.

Easy biscuits

2 - 2 hrs, 30 mins

Learn how to make two types of delicious biscuits which can be easily repeated at home in about 30 minutes. Learn different techniques and find out how to create your own unique recipe by effortlessly tweaking the ingredients’ list. Choose from chocolate chip cookies, vegan coconut crunchies, gluten-free and diary free macaroons, lemon curd biscuits, crinkle brownie cookies or more traditional recipes such as shortbread (three ways) or gingerbread. These are just a few examples of many more biscuits I have on the menu and I am happy to work around your requirements. Prices start from £25 per person depending on the size of the group.

london baking courses lemon drizzle cake

Fool-proof cakes

3 hours

Sick and tired of cakes with a burnt top and a wobbly, uncooked inside? Or those really annoying ones that refuse to rise and end up as flat as a pancake? If so, this class is for you. Learn key methods which are crucial to successful cake making. Choose two cakes from the following: easy plum tart, flourless chocolate and almond cake, coconut and raspberry cake, zingy lemon drizzle loaf, classic Victoria sponge, carrot cake, tea loaf and many more. Other options can be discussed in case none of the above are to your taste. Prices start from £30 per person depending on the size of the group.
rise and shine london baking courses

New class coming soon

Stay tuned!

More details soon.